Honorary Backers

Wouldn't have made it without the love, help and support of these very special backers.

Nora Barraza

Charles Carlos Mongello

Brian Kramer

Sashary & Brett Willard

Marti Montbleau

Ana Ruby

Ruth Lopez

Meli Aguayo

Our First 3 Backers

Best 3 ladies in the world, glamping rock stars and just amazing in every way!

Susie Murphy

Lyssa Woo

Kamala Slight


Backer Hall of Fame

None of this effort could be possible without the help of our backers, who have pledged a total of over $22,500 dollars so far towards towards our company expansion efforts.

Jim and Patty Wayman
Jessica Mims
Maureen Morgan
Aída Barraza Jarrett
Toni Harter
The Creative Fund
Judith Siebenborn
Kymm Hansen
Ruben Ruby
Claudia Rubi
Monica Gallino
Lori Munger
Andrea Pacheco
Michael Fryer
Mike Hawkins
Randy Nordgen
Jim Liu
Joseph Calderon
Carol Steve
Derek Meadows
A.L. Connor

Alex Shirley-Smith
Nadine Moen
Karla Palomino-Reyes
Jacqueline Hartman
Dana Pettersen
Janessa Cotungo
Erika Wright
David Harrison
Heather Rowell
Katrina Hennessy
Kelly Rice
Silvia Cardenas
Dwayne Ellis
Jesus Grijalva
Ley Ebrada
Maurisa Conforto
Eric Mimms
Josh Claros
Elizabth Witt
Ezra Morales
Terry Harrison

Howard Rittberg
Julien Stein
Tawnya Pitman
Lisa Powell
Sheri Steffes Menelli
Jeffrey Bastian
Daniel Pike
Kelly Feduska
Chip Jarman
Charlie Epes
CJ Caughey
Lollie Mclntire
Robert Pollorena
Rebecca D. Castrejon
Denis Grasse
Jonathan Hendrix
Michele Wetzel Hillman
Andy Williams
Luis Fernando

Operation #KickstartGlampingSanDiego was successfully funded on March 31, 2019 thanks to all of our backers, friends family and company supporters.

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