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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead


In the course of our complex internet marketing approach from the trenches of cyberspace, we recently discovered that Alila/Hyatt is now offering a beautiful glamping experience in Ventana Big Sur:

The space looks amazing like only Hyatt could deliver. It's a significant move for a leading multi-national hospitality company with 1100 hotels and all-inclusive properties in 69 countries across six continents.

Here in San Diego, a quick internet search brings up over a dozen glamping options across the county, as well as multiple paid ads inciting you to book now. Everything from glamping by the beach, glamping at a winery, yoga glamping and even an Alpaca glamping experience.


We did our best to capture the EPIC experience of our recent 2 week adventure down the Baja coastline into a 3 minute video. There was so much of this rich experience that we had to leave out.

We’ve traveled to various parts of Mexico over the years and never cease to be amazed at the unique beauty and potential of this destination. After all these years visiting many parts of Mexico, we’re always finding amazing new places to explore.

The San Diego Mountains are the start of the local watershed. Rain and snow accumulation in the higher elevations play a key role in supplying San Diego reservoirs with water. Most of the city's water supply originates from these mountains. We have a responsibility to keep the local watershed clean and to do our part to conserve water.

As part of our efforts towards encouraging responsible travel and environmental stewardship, we are active participants in The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. Waste that is not disposed of properly affects natural habitats, wildlife, rivers, and waterways that eventually makes its way down to our oceans and seas.


Camping season is here and our backcountry is coming to life with the beautiful colors of spring.

It's always such an exciting time for us in the campground getting ready to host our glamping tribe.

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