A step-by-step guide on how to build a hospitality/experience based business model

Coming on 7 years since we founded our glamping life-style business, we felt compelled to bring together this short PDF guide with our business hacks, how to’s, trade secrets, processes and much more! Best of all is that it’s completely FREE and all that we ask is that you sign-up with your e-mail address for the download link.

If you were ever thinking about pursuing an outdoor hospitality business, or other lifestyle business model - this is the guide for you. You may also find it extremely useful if you have any type of hospitality/lifestyle business that you’re looking to streamlining or improve.

This 15+ page guide covers much of what you should expect and need to know along your journey including; cost and financing routes, concession options, application of the USFS Outfitter & Guide program, industry trends, internet marketing & creating an integrated booking system.

This kind of lifestyle business is becoming more and more trendy, with recent changes in work culture, internet economy and the rise of the experience market.

In 7 short years since we started our glamping model, we have grown into a six figure business and expanded rapidly in the San Diego Backcountry hospitality scene. We are currently helping other hospitality entrepreneurs streamline and scale up/down their operations.

Much of this is accomplished through the application of the right on-line tools and platforms, as well as applying much of what we cover in the guide book including;

  • Financial overview/planning, budgeting, financing options & crowdfunding
  • Concession options with land managers, application process & negotiation techniques
  • How to successfully apply for the USFS Outfitter & Guide program
  • How to navigate concession requests and applications in your recreation area
  • Techniques for improving your odds through the application process in your rec area
  • The basics on creating a direct booking system with integrated channel manager


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