FREE PDF guide - How to build a hospitality/experience based business

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own lifestyle business and escaping the rat race? Have you wished you could turn your passion project into a 6-figure business that can sustain your family?

Coming on 7 years since we founded our glamping life-style business, we felt compelled to bring together this short PDF guide with our business hacks, how to’s, trade secrets, processes and much more! Best of all is that it’s completely FREE and all that we ask is that you sign-up with your e-mail address for the download link.

If you were ever thinking about pursuing an outdoor hospitality business, or other lifestyle business model - this is the guide for you. You may also find it extremely useful if you have any type of hospitality/lifestyle business that you’re looking to streamlining, improve, scale-up or down.

This 15+ page guide covers much of what you should expect and need to know along your journey including; cost and financing routes, concession options, application of the USFS Outfitter & Guide program, industry trends, internet marketing & creating an integrated booking system.

This kind of lifestyle business is becoming more and more trendy, with recent changes in work culture, internet economy and the rise of the experience market.

In 7 short years since we started our glamping model, we have grown into a six figure business and expanded rapidly in the San Diego Backcountry hospitality scene. We are currently helping other hospitality entrepreneurs streamline and scale up/down their operations.

Much of this is accomplished through the application of the right on-line tools and platforms, as well as applying much of what we cover in the guide book. 

What we would’ve given to have had this information when we first started back in 2018 & that’s part of what compelled us to create this guide. Hopefully some aspiring young entrepreneurs out there can learn from our lessons & mistakes, in pursuit of their own ideal lifestyle business model!

Main Topics Covered

Our easy to follow PDF guide is broken down into 6 main sections, with detailed real life examples and practical steps forward. It will inspire you through our own example and help you better navigate your own company start-up decisions.

It doesn't matter if you're starting up, or already well on your way - this guide will provide some insights on practical expansion opportunities in your area, in the hospitality/recreation scene. 

Here are the six main topics covered in the PDF guide:



We cover financial overviews and planning, budgeting, financing options and crowdfunding routes.

Concession Routes

Learn about concession options with your local, state and federal land managers, to establish your own glamping or guiding services.

Outfitter & Guide Program

How to apply for the United States Forest Service Outfitter & Guide Program. 

Application Process

How to navigate concession requests and applications in your recreation area.

Negotiation Techniques

Techniques for improving your odds through the application process in your recreation area.

Digital Systems

The basics on creating a direct booking system with integrated channel manager and leveraging internet marketing tools


$27,183 PLEDGED | 108% FUNDED

Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded on March 24, 2019, thanks to the help of our family, friends, backers and company supporters. This was a year long effort that allowed us the opportunity to expand the business after building it from scratch starting in 2016 by this husband/wife duo.

We built this company from the ground-up in 2016 and invested everything we had into it. It was important for us to see the business grow organically, while we fine tuned our operation and set a high standard for the San Diego outdoor hospitality scene.

By 2018, we would need to expand in order to meet our growing demand. We discussed various options of obtaining capital, but in the end we decided to take a chance and try crowd-funding.

Our decision paid off and our expansion plans where implemented shortly afterwards. We have continued to grow and thrive as a company, even through COVID-19 and many other economic challenges since then.

We look forward to helping you accomplish the same, in pursuit of your own passion project and lifestyle business. 


FREE PDF guide - How to build a lifestyle business

Meet Company Founder Shantel Seoane

Alter Experiences LLC was founded in 2016 by Shantel and Rami Abdel. We're a glamping and nature travel company, based out of the San Diego Backcountry - Mount Laguna. We have been operating in the the Cleveland National Forest since 2018, under the USFS Outfitting and Guide program. We were the first glamping outfitter in the state of California and the first major glamping operation in San Diego County. They've emerged as  a leading glamping destination in Southern California and continue to be one of the top experiences in the San Diego backcountry. 

Shantel and Rami have a deep passion for nature travel & outdoor recreation. As USFS outfitters, they are also very much dedicated to responsible travel and environmental stewardship. Shantel and Rami are both native San Diegan's and love showcasing their beautiful hometown. They currently live in Julian and have been involved in much of the region's destination marketing and tourism development in the San Diego Backcountry. 


Tell Us About Your Project

We're always on the lookout for fellow outfitters, hosts and experience creators from all over the world! We hope this guide will go far and wide and connect us with like minded entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for some direction, or just want to stay in the loop with our latest news and hospitality business trends. 

We also offer dedicated one-on-one consultation and internet marketing services at a reasonable price. Whether you're looking for help with some destination marketing, branding, business planning or building a booking system - our team is here to help.

Contact us on the form and one of our team members will be in touch. You can also send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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