California Wolf Center

California Wolf Center | Julian, CA

The California Wolf Center is dedicated to the recovery of wolves in the wildlands they once roamed. We envision a landscape where wolves thrive in healthy ecosystems and wolves and people successfully coexist. 

The center near Julian is home to several packs of gray wolves, including a pack of North American gray wolves as well as multiple packs of Mexican gray wolves. Some of the wolf packs are featured in their educational programs. 

The California Wolf Center participates in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan, a bi-national effort to help Mexican wolves recover in the wild. They are among the largest breeding and host centers for Mexican gray wolves in the United States.

Learn about the plight of Mexican gray wolves here. Most of the Center's Mexican gray wolf packs reside in spacious, off-exhibit habitats that help prepare them for potential release into the wild. Retaining their wild nature by keeping them off-exhibit will help them to survive if they are selected for release into the Mexican Wolf Recovery Area in New Mexico and Arizona. The Mexican gray wolves that are not candidates for release or breeding are on limited exhibit during our educational programs. This gives visitors the extraordinary opportunity to view the distinctive physical features of this magnificent and unique subspecies of gray wolf. We offer a variety of programs to choose from, including public tours, private tours, school and youth programs, off-site presentations, special events, and more. Reservations are required for all programs. Please visit their web-site for more info:


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