Hunting in San Diego MountainsThe backcountry offers many small game hunting opportunities that include; rabbit, squirrel, wild hog and birds species such as dove, pheasant and turkey. We have an abundance of wildlife in the area and please be respectful and show consideration while hunting in the area. Hunting with a firearm is allowed in the Cleveland National Forest, but not in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area. If you're planning on hunting with a firearm for small game in the Cleveland National Forest, make sure you are outside of the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area.

Alternatively, you can take Engineer road to the Boulder Creek area which also offers many hunting opportunities. Make sure that you stay ourt of the Inaja Indian Reservation and areas marked no trespassing. Please be aware that these areas are actively patrolled by rangers and poachers will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. You must have a valid hunting license and adhere to all hunting laws as prescribed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We have a zero tolerance policy for poaching and illegal hunting activities.


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