With over 50 miles of system OHV trails and roads that traverse through beautiful scenery and challenging terrain, you can find many of the OHV recreational opportunities conveniently located in Corral Canyon, as depicted in the OHV Area Use Map. This guide is designed to provide the off-highway vehicle enthusiast with information, regulations, and travel tips while using National Forest lands. Trails in this area can vary in elevation and difficulty from 3,400 feet at Corral Canyon Campground to 4,169 feet at Bronco Peak. Off-highway vehicle recreation is just one of the many useses allowed on the National Forest. Please ride with care and always watch for other vehicles. Off-Highway Vehicle Route Markers are found on designated OHV trails. On these markers you will find signs and decals designating the type of use recommended, level of difficulty, and system number which corresponds to the map and guide. The OHV guide/map may be obtained at any forest office. Markers with signs, or decals with a red slash mean the route is closed to that type of use. Spark arresters are required year round.

Please visit US Forest Service web-site for important info.

OHV Areas in San Diego


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