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Margaret Mead

Gorgeous views today over Lake Cuyamaca and we've got a bit of snow on the ground. PLEASE READ IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON VISITING THE BACKCOUNTRY TODAY!!!!!

Wind gusts are currently 25-60 mph across the mountains making it extra cold (feels like low 20's). CHAINS ARE REQUIRED. Please use caution when driving on slippery or icy roadways.

We know for sure that the following places are open today for food and drink:

Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant

Wynola Pizza

Miner's Diner

Golden Coast Mead

Jeremy's on the hill

We'd like to remind you once again about the importance of acting responsibly and being prepared if you're coming up to visit. Here are some thing to remember:

BE SAFE. A lot of people are making their way up these windy narrow roads to get here. Arrive early. Drive carefully & bring tire chains. You can easily get stuck on the side of the road if you’re not careful. NO parking means NO parking. Sheriff is actively patrolling and you may get a ticket or have your car towed.

Be PREPARED. The road in and out gets congested. You may be waiting in your car for a while so pack water & light snacks. Make sure you've got a full tank of gas.

Respect Private Property. DON'T TRESPASS. There are plenty of areas within the State Park, Lake Cuyamaca & Laguna Mountain for you to enjoy the snow.

DON'T TRASH OUR ENVIRONMENT - Bring a few bags & take your trash back with you. These areas represent very important natural resources for San Diego county. We have a zero tolerance policy for littering and you may be subject to heavy fines if you're caught doing so.

We're a small and remote town with limited food & beverage facilities. Be prepared for long waits if you're expecting to have a meal in town.

We want you all to enjoy San Diego's beautiful backcountry, but please act responsibly & be safe during your visit.

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