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 wildfire closure


It’s a very difficult time for so many right now and we’re so sad to see the devastation being caused by multiple wildfires across our state. USFS temporarily closed 8 Forest Districts as of yesterday, which included the Cleveland National Forest, Mt. Laguna Recreation Area. Although the Mt. Laguna region is currently not under any direct fire threat, all of USFS personal and resources are being re-directed towards managing these unprecedented fires.

Santa Ana winds are expected over the next days, which could further exacerbate an already volatile situation. We ask that you please refrain from visiting these areas and abide by the closure until further notice. We’ve been told that the closure will last for one week from today, but could be extended if conditions worsen. We will keep you posted as the situation develops.

Please support our USFS in any way that you can during this very difficult time. USFS firefighters and so many other agencies are working tirelessly and being stretched to the limit.

Please stay vigilante and be prepared over the coming days. Check on your neighbors and make sure you have an evacuation plan in place.

Here is the official USFS press release:

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Shantel & Rami Abdel

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