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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Is your business model sustainable, scalable and completely automated? What are you doing to build a brand culture that people want to get behind? In this monumental time of technological convergence and acceleration, how are you leveraging on-line tools and applications to help your business grow?

In these crazy and uncertain times for entrepreneurs specifically, as well as the world in general, we’re thankful to have made it through the chaos of COVID-19 and everything else that's ensued thereafter.

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we took the decision to open up our doors again 2 weeks ago. The business environment has changed so drastically over the past months and the subject has been a sensitive topic for our rural communities in the San Diego backcountry. We weren’t even expecting to be open until at least June 1st. We were informed about the sudden decision to open up the campground on May 15, with just a 72 hour window to stage and prepare all of our sites. We weren’t even sure if people would be comfortable traveling again under the circumstances. We faced lots of concerns and uncertainty on whether to resume operations again.

We're so excited to share this feature by our guests Ash & Samy, who recently stayed with us at Boulder Oaks campground.

Things seem really different now after 2 months of so much abrupt and unexpected change. The world before COVID-19 is quickly fading into memory.

Shutting down our operation was the easy part. It was only disheartening in that we had been working on so many new and exciting development that were placed on hold. After 2 years of building and proving the worth of our business model to the US Forest Service, we were eager to proceed under a three year concession and expanded outfitting services.

This was a major milestone for us after 3 intense years building the company to where it is now.

With the on-going closure of the the Laguna Campground due to renovations, Burnt Rancheria campground has opened their doors early this year.

We're now accepting bookings at Burnt Rancheria Campground and we look forward to hosting you soon.

There is a certain level of awesomeness and kickassery to some people.

One of those people is Lindsey Steinwachs - U.S. Forest Service - Descanso Ranger District. She’s been an integral part of helping develop the outfitting and guiding program in the Cleveland National Forest, along with conservation efforts, among many other initiatives.

Glamp out your next event! Let's start planning your special occasion in the pristine forest of Mount Laguna, Cleveland National Forest.

Alter Experiences is your dedicated event outfitter at El Prado, Horse Heaven, and Wooded Hill Campground. We strive to deliver a signature outdoor hospitality experience. We'll help you plan a custom tailored event specific to your group needs and experience objectives.

We're not exactly sure why we've been feeling a bit compelled to share this post. Maybe because it's come up in conversations with friends and family enough times. Maybe it's something we feel someone out there needs to hear right now. Who knows, but here goes.

We're blessed with so many family and friends who truly care about our future and well being as a husband and wife unit.

Rami and I have never much cared for certain traditions or mainstream ideas, especially as they relate to gender roles and certain husband / wife relations.

If you haven’t heard the awesome news already, Alter Experiences is now your official glamping event host in Mount Laguna! We’re now accepting event booking for 2020 at El Prado, Horse Heaven and Wooded Hill Campground, as part of our 2020 Outfitting and Guiding services.

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